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Natural texture even when lying down

The main reason for dissatisfaction after Breast Augmentation is caused by awkward feeling or appearance when lying down.

Meet Motiva for Natural feeling and shape as Real Breast.

No more worries for Thin skin or Skinny Women

What is Rippling?

It is condition of visible or touchable implant when you lean your body forward.
This usually appears on thin skin or skinny patients, and does not improve over time.
Motiva implants reduce rupture and deformation, and are also suitable for thin skin, and skinny women with a softer texture.

Cause of Rippling : Saline implant used for Augmentation, Patient with Thin skin tissue, Inappropriate size implant used on patient’s body type

Revision is also good with Motiva

The Cause of dissatisfaction after Breast surgery - Texture : 80%, Appearance : 20%

Many cases in revision for breast surgery
are because of the dissatisfaction with texture and feeling.

Resolve dissatisfaction with
Implant replacement!

Motiva implants will bring satisfying result with not only appearance, but also texture.

More information about
‘Motiva Revision Surgery’?

Select extra carefully for your revision breast augmentation surgery!
BANOBAGI will help you to have beautiful and healthy breast than before.


Motiva implant combined with various technologies

Silksurface™ (Smoothsilk™ ) Sophisticated and Elaborate Ergonomic Shell

Existing smooth or textured implants can form cell membrane too thick, resulting in capsular contracture or inflammations.
Motiva minimizes the risk of capsular contracture by dispersing fibroblasts produced in the breast after surgery with cytotropic surface designing and fine processing.

  • Existing Texture implant
  • Smoothsilk™ Implant Motiva
Made of coarse particles such as sugar or salt on outer cover of silicone Surface of Texture Manufacture of uniform and elaborate Smoothsilk™ silicone shell using a mold engraved with fine particles
Less foreign body reaction than smooth surface implant Foreign Body Reaction Significantly less cellular foreign body reaction
Thick particle surfaces can create frictional reactions during intense exercise Frictional Reactions Appropriate for exercise and active lifestyles due to low friction through Smoothsilk™

The emergence of 6th Generation Breast Implant

ISO 14607 :2018 SMOOTH Standards
Smooth : less than 10㎛;
Type Average
Source: File P188925-Document DE/8 <LNE TEST REPORT>

High Cohesive Gel

developed implant by using three types of gels combination to fit the shape required by the patient.

Motiva’s viscoelasticity and cohension are good, it does not leak even if the outer surface is damaged. This is also what the FDA requires for breast implants.

  • ProgressiveGel Contour™

    We used gel with high viscosity.
    Even under normal circumstances, the shape of the implant is maintained, and a volume of implant is guaranteed.

  • ProgressiveGel PLUS™

    Maintains its natural shape than ProgressiveGel Contour™ with soft texture.

  • ProgressiveGel Ultima™

    It is most natural out of three gels.
    The viscosity of the gel is low and the elasticity is high, so you can feel the natural feeling of texture.

BlueSeal for Safety

Minimize gel leakage, Reduced capsular contracture, Visually confirm the safety of the implant
One of Motiva's patented technologies, BlueSeal, is a special mark in between the implant shells, which is a special technique to check safety status of the product.

The blue barrier layer minimizes the spread of the gel to other areas when the outer shell is damaged and significantly reduces the possibility of capsular contracture that can occur when the gel leaks.
BlueSeal also meets the stringent quality and safety standards of ASTM and ISO. Also, through BlueSeal, the surgeon can see the safety around the implant.

High performance surface for easy insertion

Motiva’s surface is strong and tensile in any part of implant.

Therefore, it is easy to operate because there is no risk of damage to the implant when the implant is inserted. Even if the incision is small, insertion of the implant is possible with least scar.

Motiva is a robust and secure implant that meets FDA and ISO’s breast implants standards.

Results of tensile strength test of Motiva
Test List Standard Surface of Texture
Damage Rate when expanded(%) - ISO : Must be damaged when expanded at least 450%
- ASTM : Must be damaged when expanded at least 350%
Damage rate when force applied - ASTM : Must hold at least 11.12N 25.76%
Reference : Finished Product Certificate of Analysis

In case of Revision for replacement due to implant damage

With a cost-effective system, we reassure patients who have chosen a Motiva implant.

Natural Formation

“Motiva” implants are made from anatomical designs and have a shape similar to a real breast.

The shape changes freely, it becomes a round when lying down, and a teardrop shape when standing up.
In addition, you can have a natural and beautiful breast line like a real breast with a softer texture than existing implants.

Motiva gives you confidence in your daily activities as well as when you exercise.

UDI Microtransponder

It provides protection and convenience
through micro chip inside the implant.

Motiva implant has a chip with identification information that allows check all the information about the product through a portable reader.
Within 5 years after surgery, there is a definite support for revision surgery only in cases of implant breakage and severe capsular contracture.

Experience all the advantages of Motiva at a more reasonable price

You can also choose the Motiva implant without micro chip(UDI Microtransponder) inserted.

If you are hesitant to choose Motiva because of the vague rejection or cost burden of having the UDI chip embedded in the implant, you can choose Motiva implant without UDI chip inserted.
You can experience all the advantages of Motiva except UDI, at a more reasonable price.